Genesis (1.1)

It was 2014 when I stumbled upon this business, by accident really. I was a broke musician living in Nashville, TN after moving there early 2013. Things weren't going too well. I was back home visiting my girlfriend (now wife) in Albuquerque, NM. I needed to pull together a few extra bucks to get through so I offered to make my friends and family some turquoise jewelry. My dad had worked in the Native American jewelry business for decades and acquired some skills along the way, some of which rubbed off on me. 

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Exodus (1.2)

It wasn't long before the business took on a life of its own. Focuses quickly turned farther from music and closer to jewelry. I fell in love with the craft and the culture. About a year in, my wife, Bree and I decided we'd return back to Albuquerque.


Promise Land (1.3)

We found ourselves back in the desert, the place where the inspiration came from, where life slows down, and where people are simple and down to earth. 

We've come far yet have far to go.



American Quality (2.1)

We use nothing but the best materials and stones sourced/mined in the American Southwest. Because our materials can be quite limited and diverse, we're forced to remain a small batch manufacturer. We assemble and finish every piece by hand here in Albuquerque, NM. 


Process (2.2)

We do things the old fashioned way and spend extra time on the fine details. 

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