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It seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that we want or need to. As soon as you cross one thing off your checklist three more get added. We’ve been struggling to keep our heads above water but we’re managing, somehow. With that we wanted to send an update out there to keep you all filled in on whats been happening.

Our Son Arlo

Recently my wife Bree and I experienced the birth of our first born son Arlo Mark Barela. Life has another thing coming with this guy. Sure, you lose sleep, time and a degree of freedom with kids but with that also earn a new joy and a reason to live that couldn’t have come about any other way. Never changed a diaper before I changed his. He’s laying next to me as I write this. Excited to show this kid the world and bring him up to hopefully be a God fearing man.

Route 66 Shop

You may or may not know but my wife Bree and I have a second business with some of our good friends Aaron and Brittany Moreno. Its called Towns Hair Shop and its based right here in Albuquerque, NM. We’ve been on the hunt for a space that could house the two businesses and we’ve finally found it. It’s an old transmission station in West Downtown Albuquerque on the old Route 66 Highway. I’ll be both making and displaying my jewelry along with other Southwest goods while Towns will continue to do classic cuts and styles. A personal dream of mine for a few years now. 

03 - St Poncho

With my mother, Josie Barela, recently falling under difficult financial circumstances we’ve teamed up to start “St Poncho”. She and my dad met at my uncles business Sunwest Silver making turquoise jewelry. She’d do a lot of the grunt work like beading, buffing and grinding. With those old skills we thought we’d include her as a maker of some of our Southwest goods, some of which are currently available as I’m writing this. We decided to name this project after her recently passed parents, Maggie + Alfonso (Poncho) Martinez, Maggie being more of the saintly side of things.

St Poncho is still in its developing stages. We’ll soon be working on a website for her to have a home for all of her goods. We’re working on and testing scents for her new line of candles in addition to designing pieces she’ll be making for us here. I’m very proud of her and confident her worries of failure will soon disappear.

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